The Truth Behind the REAL Vintage Bond Pattern Nylon Strap

The REAL James Bond Watch Strap

Introduction : How It Started

The Vintage Bond Pattern Nylon strap is one such accessory that has managed to capture the hearts of enthusiasts, watch collectors, and cinema aficionados alike.

In the 1964, Goldfinger film, Bond is seen wearing his Submariner over the wrist of his cumbersome dry suit before emerging in a white dinner jacket. In a famous close-up, he transfers this watch to his bare wrist and checks the time.

The Nylon Strap Was NOT Made For The Watch

The nylon strap belonged to a production member of the film. BUT WHY? The original bracelet of the submariner was unable to fit the diving suit that bond wore, in order to fit the dive suit, the bracelet of the submariner was swapped out to the nylon strap. As shown below, we can see that the strap did not fit very well to the watch 20mm lugs. The nylon strap is estimated to be 16mm wide.


As show below, it is actually not a NATO strap. It can be seen that there is a nylon loop instead on metal keepers on the strap similar to a RAF strap. YES I KNOW ITS SHOCKING!

But Why Is The Bond Strap In Shops Black with Grey Stripes?

This is because in the olden days, the show was featured in black and white, hence the stripes was mistaken to be grey. After some remastering and correcting of colors, it was finally shown as olive green with a thin red on both sides. 

Conclusion: The Accurate Representation

So what we have learned here is that the strap is a RAF strap, it has 2 olive green stripes with thin red lines along each sides and the stripes are further apart than the current bond nylon strap. 
It is definitely much different than the modern Bond straps that we have now. Which usually would be a NATO strap with grey stripes that have lines closer to each other.

Creating a Legacy: Crafting a Replica of the Vintage Bond Pattern Nylon Strap

Inspired by the captivating journey of the Vintage Bond Pattern Nylon strap, I embarked on a passionate endeavor to recreate this timeless accessory. Meticulously studying every detail from the alternating black and grey stripes to the choice materials, I sought to capture the essence of the original while infusing my own dedication to authenticity. Hours of research, experimentation, and dedication led to the creation of a replica that pays homage to the heritage of James Bond and his iconic style. A tribute to the fusion of cinematic elegance and functional design that defines the Vintage Bond Pattern Nylon strap.

Connery Bond Nato strap

I will say that this is one of the closest homage you can find in the market right now. Material is made from something similar to the g10 Nato to give it that military vibes. It is in the RAF style and available in 16mm.
Click here to view this strap.


Alternatives : Longer Versions, Grey Stripe Bond Version, NATO Version.

We have also made it in grey stripe, green stripe and even in NATO style so that you can have a choice of the authentic or the more modern style of choice.

These are the more traditional version in the RAF style strap. Click here to view strap.
We have also made it to the more modern style NATO strap but with a wider space between the stripe. Click here to view.


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