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Vintage G10 Nato Strap

Leather Backed Earth Toned Mafia Strap 20mm

Leather Backed Earth Toned Mafia Strap 20mm

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*Do note that the strap is only available in the 1 layer version so the 3rd leather keeper will not be there. We decided to remove it however if you do decide on having the 3rd keeper, you can email us as we have some in stock*

The same material used in our Mafia strap. Unlike modern Nato straps, this strap is much smoother due to its especially high count Nylon Strap. It almost feels like a suede material.
Unlike its counterpart, it is backed with leather which increases the durability of the strap and gives of a nice contrast with the earth tone colors.
This strap is inspired by the Hamilton Khaki Nato strap which is shorter in length hence does not have the extra tail to hold in. Perfect for any field or diver watch which gives off that rugged look.

Thickness: 1.1mm
Length: 24cm
Buckle: Engraved Logo

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