Elastico - G1/ G2 Guide

Not sure how to order the Elastico Strap?

Step 1: Choose the Style You Like 

G1 Style
The G1 Elastico is designed to fit underneath a watch. This way, in case of any spring bar failure, the watch is still attached to the strap. 

G2 Style
The G2 Elastico is a Elastic strap that is secure to the lugs of the spring bar. There is no material below the watch head, reducing the bulk of the watch. 


Step 2: Choose the Length

After choosing the style you like, you can now select the perfect size strap for your wrist. The table below indicates the length that can fit your wrist size.

G1 Style Strap 

Wrist Size Strap Length
Below 6 inch  20cm
5.5 to 6.75 inch 21.5cm
6 to 8 inch 23.5cm

G2 Style Strap 

Wrist Size Strap Length
5.7 to 6.7 inch  20cm
6.5 to 7.25 inch 21.5cm
6.75 to 7.8 inch 23.5cm