About us

Luff is an online store for watch straps founded in 2019. All straps are proudly designed in Singapore and produced by the best manufacturers. 

We focus on bringing in 

  1. Unique design watch strap
  2. Special features to enhance functionality 
  3. Creating less bulk on the wrist 
  4. High-Quality products

Unique Design - Our Nato straps are all customized not just in looks but also in engineering wise hence giving you a one of a kind unique watchstrap that cannot be found in other stores.

Special Features - By having the second floating keeper, users are able to wear their straps in two ways, the tucked in method or the let loose method. Depending if you like it hidden or prefer it to look like a normal strap.

 Creating less bulk - We have designed our straps in a way that the buckles lay nicely below the wrist so as the keepers, this will create less bulk and not making the wrist too thick.

 Quality - From the nylon used, to the buckle and keepers, everything is carefully picked after many samples to get the best possible product for our consumers.

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