- We are trying out a new delivery carrier called Qxpress, they state to deliver items in about 1-3 weeks.

-We hope that this will shorten delivery times and give our customer a better experience!


- Packages can take up to 2 Months to arrive
- As our local postal services relies on commercial planes to send packages, it takes longer now to some countries as there are lesser commercial planes right now.

Only order if you are able to wait 2 Months for the packages. When you have purchased our strap, you have accepted the 2 Months waiting time and we will not refund if packages have not arrive before the 2 Months period. If packages still have not arrive, we will do a investigation with our postal delivery services.

Not all packages are affected by this and some still arrive to our customer swiftly as usual. However due to uncertainty, we would like our customer to prepare for the 2months waiting time. Thank you! [Common example of countries with extended delivery time:  Arab, ]

General Information

- We usually need 1-3 business days to prepare and pack your order for mailing.
- Local delivery, within Singapore, will take 3 to 5 days excluding weekends and public holiday

Normal Mail (no tracking number) - $4.90 

Registered mail (with tracking number) - $6.90 

*We will not be responsible for any lost mail hence we would highly encourage our customer to go for the registered mail.

For registered mail, not all countries will be able to track the location of the parcel including USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA. However after 18 business days, we will be able to commence investigation to track down the parcel. 

Estimated Delivery Duration

4-20 working days for countries in Asia

10-30 working days for all other international deliveries including USA, UK, Australia.

10-30 working days for Africa and Middle East

30-50 working days for Canada ( Maybe longer)

Delivery time do not consider any possible delay or problem with your customs process. Delay may occur due to custom checks or high mail volumes