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Vintage G10 Nato Strap

Connery Vintage Bond 20mm - Mafia Strap

Connery Vintage Bond 20mm - Mafia Strap

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A Strap inspired by the Vintage G10 Nato strap. This strap is much smoother than normal Nato strap due to its especially high thread count. With its unique design, it looks absolutely stunning on any watch, vintage or modern watches. It is measured at 1.1mm thick only great for small size vintage watches. Due to its thinner material, it may fray and mould to the buckle but once it moulds nicely, the strap will be have that gorgeous vintage aesthetic to it. 

Side Story: The NATO watch strap was originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD). The strap was often called "G10" because of the requisition form that service personnel used to get their strap from Quartermaster's Stores.

Thickness: 1.1mm
Length: 29cm
Buckle: Engraved Logo

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