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Tropic FKM

SkinDiver Tropic FKM Rubber Strap

SkinDiver Tropic FKM Rubber Strap

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Literally the BEST strap we offer period. Skin diver watches are known for their slimmer and smaller case profiles. This design choice allows for a more comfortable fit on the wrist and enhances the watch's versatility for everyday wear. 

Now, let's talk about how our SkinDiver strap perfectly complements these characteristics. It tapers nicely from 20mm-16mm to fit the narrower profiles of skin diver watch cases, providing a seamless and elegant look. The strap's tapering design not only adds to the overall appeal but also ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist. Crafted from Swiss-grade FKM rubber construction, renowned for its quality found in many high-end brands, the strap offers both durability and water resistance. Strap is non-toxic, non-marking, non-allergen and does not attract dust. For those with small wrist do not worry as the strap is made shorter as well.

Experience a new level of comfort as the FKM rubber adapts seamlessly to the unique contours of your wrist. Its soft and supple and requires no break in time.
The strap tapers from 20mm-16mm and 22mm-18mm which makes the strap look slimmer, perfect for dive to dress watches. For those with small wrist do not worry as the strap is made shorter as well.


Quick Release Springbars

70mm/120mm - 5.75 inch to 7.5 inch wrist

Lug Width:
20mm tapers to 16mm
22mm tapers to 18mm

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