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Plain Color Variant - Elastico

Plain Color Variant - Elastico

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Lug Width

Built from elastic material to give you maximum comfort. Arguably one of our most comfortable straps. Our elastic gives a strong yet still comfortable feel on your wrist. The adjustment system will give you the perfect fit on your wrist.


Thickness : 1.5 mm (1.2mm when squeeze)
 316L Stainless steel buckle
Width: 20mm 22mm 

21cm in length for 5" to 6.5" inch wrist
23cm in length for 6" to 8" inch wrist

G2 comes in 3 sizes
20cm in length, for 5.25" to 6.75" inch wrist 
21cm in length, for 6.5" to 7" inch wrist 
23cm in length, for 6.75" to 7.8" inch wrist

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