LuxNato "Retro to Modern"


How is our Straps modernized?

1.Design: The strap is designed in a way where the buckles are resting at the bottom of the wrist. The "flap" would then lay at the bottom of the wrist instead of the side like most traditional natos, this will reduced the bulk of the strap.

2.Floating keepers: With the Floating keepers, wearers would have more versatility when wearing our straps, they can wear it in the tucked in method or the let loose method.


LuxNato, our first collection that we have ever launched.

The Ace of our collection. The logo was inspired by Sabo from one piece.  The aim of this collection was to modernize Nato Straps. We wanted something modern yet still had a vintage theme to it. We decided in having a rich man in retro tuxedo to give that sense of "Luxury" to it. Hence the name LuxNato (Luxury Nato), it is a dressier and more luxurious style of Nato.